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Citizens Favour a more advanced Digital Government

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Citizens_-Favour_-a-_more_-advanced_-Digital_-Government-300x137 Citizens Favour a more advanced Digital GovernmentWith the resent study of digital services required in the government is polled to be more important than traditional service delivery. With Citizens from various countries placing high importance on governments deliver services, Accenture has researched that 86 percent of citizens view digital delivery of public services to be as equally as the traditional methods of public service delivery. While, survey suggests citizens are more comfortable while engaging their governments through digital such as Social Security offices etc.
According to the statistics, 40 showed that citizens were ready to use internet to operate with the government or receive services. While, 73 percent of citizens are comfortable to provide biometric data with government. 54 percent were willing to share their fingerprints towards personalized government services and about 10 percent and less were counterparts to share personal information to government websites.
With the emergence of technologies like AI, machine learning and robotics public services have also slowly diverted to computer aided services because citizens desire for rapid government innovation and Public-sector employees might face critical factors in meeting the expectation levels and advance technology for better engagement with citizens.