City In Colorado, Denver To Use Blockchain-Driven Mobile Voting Platform For Overseas Voters In Elections

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City-In-Colorado-Denver-To_Utilize-Blockchain-Driven-Mobile-Voting-Platform-For-Overseas-Voters-In-Elections City In Colorado, Denver To Use Blockchain-Driven Mobile Voting Platform For Overseas Voters In ElectionsThe most populous city in the United States Denver, City in Colorado, has announced to utilize Blockchain technology-based Smartphone app for casting the municipal election that will happen in May this year. As per the announcement, the City and County of Denver will deploy a mobile voting platform powered by Blockchain solution targeting the active-duty military, their eligible dependents and overseas voters. With this platform, they will be capable of partaking the Denver municipal election with using their Smartphones.

The report said that eligible voters will be able to participate in the upcoming election by opting in to vote electronically on their smartphones, where they will be asked to fill out an absentee ballot request, complete their verification with the application, and submit their ballot for the election. For accomplishing this goal, the City and County of Denver has established a partnership with Voatz, a Blockchain-based mobile voting platform, technical provider Tusk Philanthropies and the National Cybersecurity Center. It was reported that Blockchain-driven platform Voatz was used for mobile voting in the primary elections in West Virginia almost a year ago, also limited to use by registered military voters.

According to the reports, the same platform was utilized for casting federal election ballots in West Virginia November last year that provided secure facial recognition software which ensured that each voter matched their government-issued identification. Although,  several major cities across the world, including Moscow, Seoul, and the Catalan government, among other recently, divulged their plans to deploy Blockchain solution for voting systems.