City of Calgary in Association with Semtech, Launches IoT Solution to Manage Garden & Golf Course

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City-of-Calgary-in-Association-with-Semtech-Launches-IoT-Solution-to-Manage-Garden-Golf-Course City of Calgary in Association with Semtech, Launches IoT Solution to Manage Garden & Golf CourseCanada’s city of Calgary in association with Semtech Corp., an analog and mixed-signal IC supplier, based in California, has launched an IoT project to manage garden and golf carts. The project uses Semtech’s Low Power Wide Area Networks (LoRA) standard connectivity to manage optimal plant health conditions at the Devonian indoor tropical garden, and also manage the connected golf course at Shaganappi Point

The city has many IoT pilots underway, to improve city services of the city’s 32 departments, using a LoRaWAN IoT solution. In near future, the city also plans to deploy a city-wide connected network platform, called City Network of Things (CNoT) to be used across the city’s 32 departments.

The city of Calgary approximately two years ago, installed the Tektelic gateways, in an attempt to expand its IoT connectivity. At the city’s Devonian Gardens, the city’s Parks Department, who is in charge of the garden pilot project, will be leveraging the IoT tech to help improve plant health, by providing optimal care and maintenance they need. The indoor botanical garden with an acreage of 7, is house to more than 500 trees, 50 varieties of plants (10,000 plants altogether), ponds, fountains and a playground, and are located in the Core Shopping Centre.

The gardens are indoors, thus have limited access to sunlight, i.e. limited photosynthetic active radiation (PAR), thus require continuous and considerate care to ensure the health of each plant and tree. The city, with its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system plans to serve both the Devonian Gardens and the mall, to provide comfort to shoppers at the mall and optimal plant health care.