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Clash Of Wearables, Apple Vs Fitbit

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Clash-Of-Wearables-Apple-Vs-Fitbit-300x129 Clash Of Wearables, Apple Vs Fitbit

In order to gain dominance over the wearable market, both Apple Inc., and Fitbit Inc. are on such paths which will cross at some point of time in future. A big battle can be expected as both the companies are trespassing each other’s territory.



In 2015 the company has released its first watch focusing mainly on health application and to sync it with other Apple devices. But now after a year of not so impressive sale stats the company is adding new features like GPS tracking and waterproof nature. This watch is aimed at a bunch of fitness-focused customers. In other words, Apple’s Watch 2 is more fitness focused.



On the other hand, Fitbit originally focused on fitness market is now exploring the smartwatch territory. The company has added functions such as a GPS link that maps jogging routes, providing notifications from smartphones, an interchangeable band alongside the real-time display of exercise stats and a heart-rate monitoring function.


In the holiday season, the clash between the two wearable manufacturers is expected to boost the market sale. According to a report, the sale of wearable devices has reduced 27 percent while the shipment has increased 26 percent in the Q2.