Cleveland Clinic Accelerating The Innovation In Emerging Technologies, Launches New Center For Artificial Intelligence

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Cleveland_Clinic-Accelerating-The-Innovation-In-Emerging-Technologies-Launches-New-Center-For-Artificial-Intelligence Cleveland Clinic Accelerating The Innovation In Emerging Technologies, Launches New Center For Artificial IntelligenceCleveland Clinic, an American academic medical center, will innovate new advances and applications for AI and Machine Learning in healthcare, with the launch of a new center for AI. It aims to further collaboration and communication between physicians, researchers and data scientists as AI and Machine Learning efforts evolve and gain traction across the health system. The officials familiar with the matter stated that the goal is to boost research on various clinical use cases where Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and other AI approaches could be brought to bear.

The center will summon specialists from departments of IT, genetics, oncology, pathology, laboratory, radiology and more. The Center for Clinical Artificial Intelligence, a project of Cleveland Clinic Enterprise Analytics, will try to find new and innovative applications of AI for disease prediction, diagnostics, and treatment planning. According to the officials, researchers at the center are already developing new Machine Learning models for more exact clinical decision support, quality improvement, predictions of length or stay and readmission risk and other use cases. Additionally, other initiatives focused on oncology are also underway and exploring how AI can allow personalized outcomes prediction, or boost the accuracy of computer-supported detection in pathology slides.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Clinic has been at the forefront of medical innovation for decades. Very recently, the medical center reportedly named the second best hospital in the world. The Cleveland Clinic was recognized for being the hospital for the world’s first total facial transplant as more than 7.6 million patients have visited the Cleveland Clinic hospitals across the world since 2017.