Cleversafe Storage From IBM Is Becoming Cloud


ibm Cleversafe Storage From IBM Is Becoming CloudSpreading data across far-flung cloud data centers will be less secure and prone to a loss while dispersing it among storage node does that. To take care of this issue IBM has the right idea with its cloud storage service SecureSlice object storage technology that the company acquired with the acquisition of Cleversafe a year ago. Generally, the SaaS (Storage as a Service) offering is going to be available on Thursday. To store unstructured data objects, for instance, genomic sequencing data, videos, and photographs it enables the enterprise to use both IBM cloud and on-premise gear. Combining geographical disperse of data and encryption with erasure coding is the innovation in object storage of Cleversaf’s. Unstructured data is encrypted by SecureSlice, keys are stored with the data and then data is divided and stored in different storage nodes. In IBM Cloud Object Storage, those nodes can be in data centers ranged through a whole continent.


Even if some nodes fail, SecureSlice can recover data as it uses some data redundancy across the way. Breaking apart the data and the key means to recover the data hackers has to break into multiple data centers and arrange for all the pieces before they could make any sense from the data.