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CLIPPER_NEWS_1st_Regional_Mobile_Application-225x300 CLIPPER NEWS 1st Regional Mobile Application
K Chandra Shekar

Clipper News, One and Only Regional language Mobile Application Company Founded By K Chandra Shekar established in 2017, Cyberabad, India. When we start Clipper, we find lot more changes need to be done in the Digital Media Space. That is where the Clipper News Mobile App has started and the Revolution has begun in this Media Industry.

Clipper main Target is who are none viewers of the daily news and also, do not have enough time in hand to go through the long news articles with tremendous work pressure in our Tech world. It makes sure that people are connected with the global happenings anytime and anywhere in just a few minutes With Clipper, just a mere glance is enough to stay informed about the things taking place across the globe. It truly gives people a chance to know it all, without having to read it all. Our primary focus is to build an awesome product which people love. At our core we are a technology company which believes that if we build a product which people love, monetisation won’t be a major challenge.

Clipper brings you the faster, shorter and better way of viewing News on your mobile screen. With Clipper you can now listen to news in your regional language. The app caters to everyone from avid news readers looking for breaking news and in-depth coverage to the busy bees who like their news on-the-go. Clipper brings you Breaking news, latest news, trending headlines, trending stories and in-depth coverage from different topics like Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Technology, Health & more.

Read or Listen in your language: The App now supports 5 different languages, which includes English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. Clipper is India’s first app that brings regional language voice-over module, which means you can listen to all the breaking news in your preferred language. This feature will make your life much easier when using your hands becomes a hard task.

Clipper brings you a convenient method of bookmarking news so that you can read it at a later point of time. You can also share articles with your friends on Messaging and Social Media. Know What Is Trending: In the fast-moving era, don’t miss out on the latest trends, check all the top trends and trending news stories influencing the world, simply by clicking on the ‘Trending’ section.

Dependable and In-Depth News Coverage: We clip the news to make it easier to read, this does not mean we cut out on the important information. For more detailed information, users can click Read More to gain access to the complete details of the news article. The News articles are gathered from trusted news sources and shortened to summarize News up to 60 words to keep you updated and informed in an easier way.

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