Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service Provider, IVCi, Explains How Video Conferencing Equipment Can Help Companies Expand Globally


1_-1 Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service Provider, IVCi, Explains How Video Conferencing Equipment Can Help Companies Expand GloballyHAUPPAUGE, N.Y., May 9, 2019 — In today’s global business environment it’s essential for companies to have a digital footprint spread across all areas of the world, so that crucial operational information can be transmitted in mere minutes. A key way to attain this global interconnectivity is the installation of advanced video-conferencing equipment in your company office space. There are numerous benefits with equipping your office with high quality cameras, microphones, and displays to create a seamless video conferencing experience. Cloud based video conferencing service provider, IVCi, explains how video conferencing equipment can help companies expand globally.

  • Advanced employee training: Utilizing high-quality video technology can advance and streamline your employee training process. Video training allows new hires to complete company training quickly while being able to review any concepts or procedures they’re unsure of with 24/7 access to training materials. This benefit, paired with the cut in training costs and shorter transition period, makes incorporating state-of-the-art video software into your employee training worth every penny.
  • Improve product demonstration: For a multinational or highly spread out company, relaying information regarding new product functions, branding, pitches, and features can be a challenge to streamline across offices. However, crafting thorough product demonstrations and seminars through advanced video conferencing technology can make it easy to provide valuable product insight for employees across departments and both global and domestic offices.
  • Compliant hiring process: Advanced video technology is highly useful in compliance training, specifically for essential office training topics. These videos would also be available for any employee to refer to in case they experience an emergency or inappropriate behavior themselves, furthering their effect on the workspace. In addition, videos can be easily customized for local laws and regulations, as they usually vary by state or country.
  • Increased levels of communication and collaboration: An area equipped with high-quality video conference microphones, cameras, and monitors will make online meetings more personal and connected for remote and international team members, cultivating the perfect environment for enhanced communication and collaboration between employees. The cost efficiency built into video conference meetings also cuts down on travel costs while giving meeting members more flexibility with meetings between busy schedules and time differences.

Video conferencing connects people in numerous areas to one virtual table effortlessly. It’s easy to see how efficient and essential this technology has become in our connected world. Take your business to the next level and start looking into the latest AV tech today.


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