Cloud Computing Service Providers, ComportSecure, Explain How Enterprise Companies Can Benefit by Archiving to the Cloud


5-1-1 Cloud Computing Service Providers, ComportSecure, Explain How Enterprise Companies Can Benefit by Archiving to the CloudRAMSEY, N.J., May 21, 2019 — Managed cloud data services provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to onsite IT administration. Cloud-based managed it services, in particular, hold great potential for modern enterprises. Cloud computing service providers free up significant time and resources for the organizations, while also providing easy access to critical data and technology resources. Cloud computing service provider ComportSecure identifies some of the many benefits of cloud archiving below.

  • Scalable and Manageable. With the expansion of data in the age of IoT, your archiving needs may continue to rise. Ideally, cloud data archiving approaches will reflect this by allowing organizations storage requirements to grow with their data. The cloud allows for a uniquely scalable approach, in which enterprises of all sizes can amp up or scale back data usage as needed to reflect their changing needs. There’s no need to pay for power or storage that will not actually be utilized.
  • Security. Far too many enterprises suffer entirely preventable data breaches. Often, the slow response to these breaches proves just as devastating as the incident itself. Archiving your data in the cloud can provide security that you may not be able to afford within your traditional infrastructure. Archiving solutions like Scality Ring Object Storage are carefully addressing security and data preservation to help even the most conservative companies feel comfortable with storing their data in the cloud. In addition, Comport is seeing a trend towards updates and versioning that address known cybersecurity issues. With managed cloud archiving solutions, exceptional security is within reach for a fraction of the cost.
  • Compliance. In a rapidly changing market, enterprises struggle to keep up with new regulations. This failure to comply could prove devastating, but the process of maintaining compliance can be nearly as problematic. Healthcare providers, in particular, must take extra care to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In healthcare and other sectors, archiving to the cloud can create cost efficiencies by identifying data sets and allowing a hybrid cloud approach to provide the correct level of security, accessibility and growth issues for your different data sets. Now you don’t need to store all your data on tier 1 storage. Save costs and expand your data easily with managed it services for your data.
  • Recovery Options. At one time, lost or compromised records proved disastrous, with minimal recourse available. Today, however, cloud data recovery solutions provide valuable peace of mind for enterprises that might otherwise be at risk. With companies providing options like DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) and managed data assistance, data recovery is now a surprisingly streamlined process.
  • Consistently Available Data. Access to data is more important than ever in today’s 24/7 digital environment. The cloud provides the instantaneous access that enterprises need, no matter the time or location. Because it’s more accessible, information archived to the cloud is more likely to actually be called upon when it’s needed most. Add newer technologies like containerization and object storage to your archive strategy and you can create even greater efficiencies.

Cloud computing now plays an integral role in the way we do business. Data archived to the cloud can be accessed on-demand and at minimal risk to enterprise security. With cloud archival, cost-effective, secure data is just a click away.


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