Cloud Service Market Predictions For 2019

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Cloud_Service_Market-Predictions-For-2019 Cloud Service Market Predictions For 2019Today, adoption of Cloud services and moving their workload into Cloud is in full swing. As per the reports from Rights Scale’s 2018 State of the Cloud, with 65 percent, Amazon Web Services ruled the market for Public Cloud along with their counterparts Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform gaining ground gradually. So, here question rose how has the market for Public Cloud grown this year?

Last year, the Public Cloud Market growth exceeded over USD 186 billion, across applications, infrastructure, business process platforms, and management, according to the projected reports. And the demands for Public Cloud service keep on to pace this year also. It’ll be challenging, especially for smaller Public Cloud companies to topple such cloud giants like Microsoft, AWS, and Google. To compete against the top giants, smaller public cloud providers must focus on niche offering in a specific market segment. Though, the sheer scale and rate of spending by the key players will ultimately go beyond these smaller players. Despite, the adoption of Public Cloud will continue to accelerate in 2019. According to the market research reports, the market will worth more than USD 221 billion and by 2021, touch the sum of USD300 billion.

Enterprise Private Cloud service provider, Unitas Global predicted that the adoption of cloud services will take the form of hybrid deployments. They expect steady market growth as enterprises struggle to transform their businesses digitally to improve competitiveness, enable dexterity and manage costs through more effective utilization of IT resources. As organizations comprehend that the Public Cloud can offer security and compliance resources equal or superior to traditional IT practices on premises, worries regarding security, compliance, and control in the public cloud have withdrawn.