Cloud Slowly Drafting Towards The Serverless Space

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Cloud-Slowly-Drafting-Towards-The-Serverless-Space Cloud Slowly Drafting Towards The Serverless Space

The cloud is now drafting towards serverless facilities with an increase in their adoption numbers, creating a sense that serverless is still untamed by standardization. The current serverless deployments are confined to cloud providers who launch their own serverless platforms and public cloud architecture.

Amongst the top clouds, we count Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. These developers are now making bets on their particular platforms with proprietary content and apps. Standardization will provide for the management and not to the development teams. They work to get the stuff done, come what may. Besides these cloud giants don’t have any reason for standardizing their serverless technology. Because their infrastructural layer is their commodity, says Richard Seroter, senior director of product at Pivotal. The eventual motivation will most likely follow a similar path to the container ecosystem, with rapid consolidated Kubernetes. This has already started to spill into the serverless ecosystem to facilitate standardize deployments. For example, take the Google-led Knative initiative which was launched earlier this year.

There exists a number of companies who are focusing on their serverless part, like Stackery and TriggerMesh. These firms have more chances to become the prime targets for larger cloud players for adding a broader serverless scope to their operations. Mostly, next year could be a real inflection point for the serverless.