Cloud Storage Provider Box Introduces Developer Toolkit and AI Consulting Services

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Cloud_Storage_Provider_Box_Introduces_Developer_Toolkit_and_AI_Consulting_Services-1 Cloud Storage Provider Box Introduces Developer Toolkit and AI Consulting ServicesCloud content management and file sharing company Box, last year, introduced Box Skills, a suite of third-party apps that add features and functionality to uploaded files, and the Box Skills Kit, a set of APIs, developer tools, and documentation for designing custom Box Skills on platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, IBM’s Watson, and Microsoft Azure.

The Cloud provider, this month, released a new program Box Skills Verified partners for enterprise Box Skills providers such as IBM and Codelitt. Resources in the Box Skills Kit, together with sample code and dozens of example Skills, can be downloaded from Box’s developer portal and Github page. In addition, consulting services for AI from the first set of Box Skills Verified Partners IBM, Codelitt, Reva Solutions, and Crayon are available through Box’s sales channels. In a statement, Box’s Chief Product Officer, Jeetu Patel stated that Box Skills leverages the world’s best AI to improve users’ content in Box. Box Skills write the outputs of the AI processing to the files in Box as metadata that is utilized to advance a number of Box capabilities comprising search, file review, automation, and much more. Patel further noted that there are hundreds of AI algorithms, which can improve users’ data in Box and assist them to unlock value and insight from their business content.

Patel, in addition, said that partners in the Box Skills Verified Partners are equipped to create various custom AI solutions for Box including computer vision-driven digital asset management models, contract analysis systems that create utilization of optical character recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, and customer onboarding experiences with automatic data extraction.