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Cloud Will Not Need Users To Concern About Infrastructure

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Cloud-Will-Not-Need-Users-To-Concern-About-Infrastructure-300x129 Cloud Will Not Need Users To Concern About InfrastructureCustomers do not think about the infrastructure underlying all of the workloads they’re running on the Google infrastructure czar Urs Hölzle is dedicated to a cloud future. Users can get profits of new hardware without having to entirely rephrase their software is one of the key advantages of the cloud. So a million customers will move to that new platform without them knowing. The same thing is done on-premises will take a much longer cycle than inserting the new technology. Which means organizations can get a seamless and quick improvement to performance, unlike an on-premises deployment. The routine of the cloud also means suppliers like Google can trial with the underlying hardware to progress performance, and then choose to go in an unlike direction, without demanding customers to rephrase what they need to do. Al Hilwa, IDC Program Director said no abstraction layer would be completely bulletproof in the future despite Hölzle’s vision holds true to a point.


In software the methodologies and architecture are changing faster in many specs, still better protection and better longevity will be provided by the good abstraction. The majority of users will not be worrying about what type of compute instance their workloads are running on in future believes Hölzle.