Coach Belichick Refused To Use Surface Tablet Said “Too Unpredictable”

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microsoft Coach Belichick Refused To Use Surface Tablet Said “Too Unpredictable”Microsoft has won a contract for supplying devices to NFL sidelines. However they were first misunderstood as iPads, then they were abused and finally Bill Belichick the New England Patriots Coach utterly rejected them. Belichick opened his Tuesday press conference by announcing himself “done with the tablets” probably mentioning to Microsoft’s Surface tablets. However, he never acknowledged one by name.


In a statement, he said, “I am going to stick to the photographs. The tablets are too unpredictable for me”. Complaints of the coach are not just confined to the Surface tablets but the IT infrastructure that he and his fellow coaches are dependent upon during the game. The devices include headset used in the Quarterback’s helmet and belt pack and communication to and from the press box etc.


The company has to be worried about this issue, which other teams might follow. Any outage that one team agonizes has to be replicated by the other is the rule of NFL, so even IT fiascos that the Patriots weren’t accountable for have to be endured. The coach said that they were handed a new tablet every game and they had no time what so ever to troubleshoot them. Microsoft said not backing out from the issue that they respect the Coach’s decision but stand behind the reliability of surface.