Cog Gets “GSA IoT Security Working Group” Acceptance

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Cog-Gets-“GSA-IoT-Security-Working-Group”-Acceptance Cog Gets “GSA IoT Security Working Group” AcceptanceCog, a cybersecurity company, in a recent statement on Wednesday, Jan. 16th 2019, announced its acceptance into the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) IoT Security Working Group. The GSA alliance is a non-profit semiconductor organization, which was founded in 1994 (as the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA)), and later rebranded as GSA in 2007, to support the worldwide adoption of the fabless semiconductor business model. The alliance has over 400 members in the semiconductor ecosystem.

The concerned GSA IoT Security Working Group, in particular, was established with a prime focus of addressing end-to-end IoT security issues. The group includes all IoT ecosystem security stakeholders, from chipset vendors through to platform companies through to cloud vendors to service providers, with a common goal to promote best IoT security practices, share threats and attacks related information, define security-related requirements, and keep the standards bodies informed.

According to Shrikant Lohokare, Ph.D., Global Vice President & Executive Director, GSA, with the world facing IoT threats at all fronts, the need to work together with companies, let it be big or small, that best understand threats in the IoT environment is crucial, and by collaborating on establishing a common ground for security requirements, all players in the IoT ecosystem can benefit. Adding further, he said that the Cog was accepted as a partner member was based on its knowledge and R&D experience of developing security architectures and best security practices that will further strengthen security in the IoT industry.