Coinflux Founder to Be Extradited to the US on Money Laundering Allegations

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Coinflux_Founder_to_Be_Extradited_to_the_US_on_Money_Laundering_Allegations Coinflux Founder to Be Extradited to the US on Money Laundering AllegationsNistor Vlad Călin, the founder of Romanian crypto exchange Coinflux, who was in early Dec. 2018, detained by 4 US secret service agents on a US warrant, on charges of organized crime, money laundering, and fraud, conducted through his crypto exchange, will be extradited to the United States, after the confirmation of the Romanian Supreme Court.

The young founder of the crypto-exchange, whose arrest in Romania by the US agents created a series of sparks and tension in the nation, has been arrested by US authorities after a note from a secret service agent, accusing him of knowingly laundering a group’s illicitly acquired money through his crypto-exchange. Prosecutors back in the US claim, he was cheating Americans with their hard earned money, through his Bitcoin platform.

Following the extradition request, Anatol Pânzaru, Călin’s lawyer, declared before the Bucharest Court of Appeal that the conditions of the judicial cooperation treaty both the nations have not been met. Further, Pânzaru, claiming that there is no way his client could’ve known that the cryptocurrency in question was earned via fraudulent activity, demanded the court to reject the US’ extradition request.

Earlier, in Dec. 2018, a similar incident came to light, when the Supreme Court of Greece approved the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to France. Vinnik was alleged to launder money through the now-defunct crypto exchange BTC-e.