Comcast Introduced A Upper Data Limit

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Comcast Comcast Introduced A Upper Data LimitComcast the world’s largest broadband internet provider has started imposing 1 terabyte of monthly data limit nationwide. This plan was started in some cities by Comcast and later decided to roll out the service in 28 states. Users who exceed the limit in two consecutive months will have to pay $10 for 50 GB mentioned the company’s website. The website also mentioned that users would not be charged more than $200 ever. And for unlimited data users have to pay just $50. As people increasingly stream music and video internet providers started clamping on data. For instance, the AT&T charges an extra of $30 for the unlimited service. though an exception has been maintained by Charter that is now the second largest cable internet company.


99 percent of Comcast’s customers use less than 1TB per month so the upper limit will not affect many customers. Some cable companies discourage people from using competitors like Hulu, Dish Network’s Sling TV, and Netflix. But the company said users can be able to stream 600 to 700 hours of high-definition video during their one month 1 TB limit. However, it is predictable for the limit to increase as the 4K definition TV’s become more common and so is streaming on them.