Comcast’s AI-Powered Cybersecurity Service Notifies Customers Regarding Online Threats

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Comcast’s_AI-Powered-Cybersecurity-Service-Notifies-Customers-Regarding-Online-Threats Comcast’s AI-Powered Cybersecurity Service Notifies Customers Regarding Online ThreatsPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania-based Comcast announced, Tuesday this week, its Artificial Intelligence-powered service that will supervise, block and inform customers regarding online threats to devices connected to home networks. Comcast’s new service, called Xfinity xFi Advanced Security, designed to protect an array of smart devices from potential hackers and malware attacks.

With a study by Cisco predicted that the average American home will have 13 connected devices per person, and the number of attacks against IoT (Internet of Things) devices is mounting as well. Comcast stated that xFi Advanced Security was built to protect devices in this new hyper-connected reality. It utilizes Machine Learning and AI technology to keep an eye on and assess Wi-Fi traffic in the home, and automatically block detected activity in real time. In addition, the company expressed that utilizing a simple, instinctive user interface, the technology notifies the customers of blocked threats, and when required, offers directions about how to further secure affected devices. Senior Vice President of the digital home, devices and AI, Fraser Stirling said that he wanted to provide customers with an easy way to stay digitally protected. He further said that as the digital world gets more intricate, his company wanted to make it uncomplicated or simple and easy for their clients to protect their home networks. That’s why the company built the xFi Advanced Security solution.

The service doesn’t have need of any setup and is activated at the moment the customer turns it on. The company further added that protection is automatically extended to any device that is connected to the home network wirelessly or by Ethernet. Users can interpret a list of digital security-related actions that were taken every day right from the xFi dashboard, accessible from the mobile app or online. This seamless practice is possible because the technology behind xFi Advanced Security is fully incorporated into xFi Gateways.