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Commercial Drones Have Potential To Incapacitate Industries

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Commercial-Drones-Have-Potential-To-Incapacitate-Industries-300x129 Commercial Drones Have Potential To Incapacitate IndustriesDrones even the most ordinary of them can be used to interrupt sensitive systems so Industrial facilities should be on guard against them no matter how less complicated they are. How the simplest of the consumer-level drones can be used for more than spying is demonstrated by Jeff Melrose, a tech specialist at Yokogawa, an industrial controls provider.


He mentioned building fences around the building is not enough to keep the intruders out especially considering that nowadays some consumer drones can travel up to 3 miles or even more. Many drones can be piloted inside the building for the purpose of surveillance with their onboard camera. These machines can also be used to interfere with the buildings equipment and computer as well. DJI Phantom drones were his test subjects which can be purchased for as low as $500 and the possibilities are endless he said. Also, these drones can be used to deliver small payloads such as transmitters which can use to jam the radio transmission or signals.


A 20 feet long leash that carried the transmitter through air to its target has been tested by Melrose. He said the transmitter can easily be used for whatever purpose while the drone can just hover over its target.