Companies To Showcase Transformative AI At CES 2019

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Companies_To-Showcase-Transformative-AI-At-CES-2019 Companies To Showcase Transformative AI At CES 2019The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an enormous exhibition of gadgets, smartphones, tablets, smart displays, smart speakers, security systems, and televisions that’ll define the year to come. CES 2019 ensures to be one of the most chock-full in recent years, along with over 4,500 exhibitors and 180,000 people from 15 nations anticipated to attend.

In CES 2019, products with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will have an outsized presence. While just two of several keynote speakers, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and LG executive I.P. Park, are predicted to talk about the ways AI can transform industries and lives, at this year’s conference. Toward that end, LG, in particular, has made major inroads. It recently divulged a second-generation motorized exoskeleton, the LG CLOi SuitBot where the company said that it can spot when a wearer’s waist is bent below a threshold and automatically apply force, gripping the load being picked up. In a separate project, as part of a pilot program at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea, LG is experimenting a fleet of custodial and guide robots that scrutinize boarding passes, give directions, and cleaning up areas in the requirement of frequent cleaning. In a statement, Park stated that such products encapsulated LG’s mission, utilizing AI and innovative technologies to support each person. He also said that they are intending to make happier and better lives.

Deep Sentinel, another CES 2019 exhibitor, unveiled a home security service this week that utilizes a grouping of cameras, AI, and motion detection to spot and stop the home burglary. On the other hand, Segway-Ninebot took the wraps off of an autonomous robot vehicle, named the Loomo Delivery Robot that can ship takeout orders, parcels, and other goods from fulfillment hubs to client’s homes.