Concerto HealthAI Collaborates With Pfizer For Precision Oncology

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Concerto_HealthAI-Collaborates-With-Pfizer-For-Precision-Oncology Concerto HealthAI Collaborates With Pfizer For Precision OncologyConcerto HealthAI, a Boston-based clinical insight generation platform that implements real-world data in its analyses, has partnered with American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer. The deal between both companies will enable Pfizer to harness Concerto HealthAI’s eurekaHealth, an Artificial Intelligence platform and Real-World Data (RWD) to assist in recognizing new and more accurate cure options, in addition to stimulate completion times for different outcomes studies. With this partnership, Concerto HealthAI and Pfizer will demeanor new artificial control arm and prospective RWD outcomes study.

As part of the deal, A Concerto HealthAI-Pfizer joint steering committee will monitor the collaboration, where the first outcomes research and publications are expected in early 2020.  Concerto HealthAI has the leading healthcare data scientists, epidemiologists, health economists, and AI software engineers to advance flexible and progressively enterprise-grade solutions for improving RWE (Real-world Evidence) into the core of biopharmaceutical workflows. On this collaboration, Concerto HealthAI CEO Jeff Elton said in a statement that this collaboration aims to find and help patients who may benefit from new therapeutic combinations. He further noted that we are using our definitive real-world data, AI-enabled abstraction, data science expertise and strength in outcomes research to identify new and more precise treatment options; refine study designs; speed up the completion times for various outcomes studies.

The deal between Pfizer and Concerto HealthAI matters because AI and data collection is becoming more advanced year-by-year, and the opportunities of real-world data analysis are increasing demand for these technologies among stakeholders. In a statement, Chief Development Officer for oncology at Pfizer Global Product Development, Chris Boshoff stated that Pfizer believes real-world data have tremendous potential to inform how we develop and use medicines to improve patient outcomes. Additionally, he said that his company is pleased to work with Concerto HealthAI to accelerate insights and outcomes studies that may lead to a more comprehensive understanding of patients’ experience with our medicines.