Condé Nast uses DataStax Enterprise & DataStax Managed Cloud Platform to Improve Customer Experience

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Condé-Nast-uses-DataStax-Enterprise-DataStax-Managed-Cloud-Platform-to-Improve-Customer-Experience Condé Nast uses DataStax Enterprise & DataStax Managed Cloud Platform to Improve Customer ExperienceDataStax, a Santa Clara, California-based data management company, in a recent press release statement, on Monday, Feb. 25th 2019, announced that Condé Nast, a New York-based premier mass media company, is using DataStax Enterprise (DSE) to enhance its customer’s experience and improve engagement through optimization, increasing click-through rates by 30 percent.

Condé Nast, is renowned all around the world for its high-quality content for the world’s most influential audiences, attracting over 144 million consumers with its industry-leading print, digital, and video brands. The company’s over 20 brands which include Wired, Vogue, GQ, and Vanity Fair, attract over 100 million unique visitors every month.

Condé Nast is using DSE, a globally distributed data platform that supports scalability, and DataStax Managed Cloud, a fully managed, always-on database, to create an optimized customer experience. As per internal benchmarks the company has improved its digital click-through rates by 30%, sped up its ‘Feature Store’ by 650%, and improved backend system performance with 1,800/min. reads in less than 4 milliseconds and 1,800/min. writes in less than 10 milliseconds.”

According to Antonino Rau, Director of Data & Intelligence at Condé Nast, DataStax has helped them with insights from multivariate testing, allowing them to optimize customer journey and improve engagement. Furthermore, with DataStax’ support the company is now able to quickly prototype and deploy numerous projects, which include Condé Nast’s Feature Store service, building highly curated datasets for machine learning (ML) and predicting user behavior and how to react to them with accuracy.