Consensys Funds Ethereum-Based Startup Allinfra To Tokenize The Unlisted Infrastructure Area

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Consensys_Backs-Ethereum-Based-Startup-Allinfra-Tokenize-The-Unlisted-Infrastructure-Area Consensys Funds Ethereum-Based Startup Allinfra To Tokenize The Unlisted Infrastructure AreaConsenSys , a Blockchain-based software technology company, has backed in an Ethereum-based infrastructure investment startup, Allinfra to tokenize the unlisted infrastructure area. As part of the funding, Allinfra will rely on ConsenSys’ technological capabilities and expertise in the tokenized assets area. Seated in Brooklyn, New York, ConsenSys would offer full control over assets, where users can purchase, transfer or even create these assets.

Allinfra facilitates direct investments in unlisted infrastructure assets through the Ethereum blockchain, offering users deposits or investments in these assets. According to ConsenSys, the solution makes the sector accessible not only to large institutional investors but to a wider audience of investors. On this take, ConsenSys Founder, Joe Lubin pointed out that in the case of unlisted infrastructure, a conventionally constrained and illiquid asset class, Allinfra will allow a wide range of audience to efficiently access and partake in the economic benefits of these assets. Further, he added that these solutions would develop a more open and equitable market ecosystem.

Though, Allinfra Co-founder and CEO claimed that the company, within several months, will be in the marketplace to support a flagship infrastructure tokenization project. It was reported earlier this year that ConsenSys participated in a USD2 million of a seed funding round for a Blockchain startup Monerium that develops a solution for filling the gap between Blockchain tech and fiat money. Founded by Joseph Lubin, a Canadian entrepreneur, ConsenSys is solving real-world issues with Ethereum Blockchain platform for all-sized organizations, from the local community to enterprises globally.