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Cordless VR Devices Are Not Very Far In The Future

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Cordless-VR-Devices-Are-Not-Very-Far-In-The-Future-300x129 Cordless VR Devices Are Not Very Far In The FutureQualcomm the mobile chip maker is demonstrating one showpiece which is not even interactive. The device is a bulky black Virtual Reality headset that is in the show and surprisingly there are no cords dangling from it connecting the PC to the device. This cordless feature is what sets the device apart from its competitors in the market. It will not be wrong to say that this is just the beginning of a new era of cordless Virtual Reality headsets.

Some users might be thinking they are already using the Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR like devices which use a smartphone for the display and processing power. But this is something different, it tracks the position of the user’s head in space. This technology is necessary if you want to examine any object in the display, for instance, the Octopus that Qualcomm is demonstrating. Your view will not change even if you lean forward or stand up.

A powerful PC is required to tether the currently available devices that are capable of tracking your head like the HTC’s Vive and Samsung’s Oculus Rift. Also, users need to install positioning hardware where they want to use their device. Qualcomm reported this device is capable of supporting 3-D experience and games but it is still unclear how close this device matches the Vive or Rift. But it does make sense that this small device can’t match the performance of a powerful gaming PC.