Could Augmented Reality Aid Firefighters To Save Lives?


Could_Augmented-Reality-Aid-Firefighters-To-Save-Lives Could Augmented Reality Aid Firefighters To Save Lives?A Silicon Valley entrepreneur considered that Augmented Reality (AR) technology can support firefighters save more lives. Firefighters, at the Menlo Park Fire District training facility in California, utilize drills to get better at saving lives.

The idea was born in the midst of an active volcano in Nicaragua. Explorer and digital entrepreneur Sam Cossman, last year, led a scientific expedition into the crater of the Masaya volcano. Cossman expressed one of the problems he faced was being able to perceive where they were going inside the gas-filled. He said his team was looking to just find the way safely and understood that the amazing core technology that thermal imaging is didn’t quite cut it for them, so his team looked to advance it. And the outcome is named as C-Thru, a wearable, AR display mounted inside a standard firefighter’s mask. Cossman explained that it can observe through the dark, and see through smoke. The idea of putting something in front of eyes so that it is always on there was the first step. But then the second step was recognizing it in a way that is lessened and much more simple, just edges and contour of objects.

Menlo Park Fire Technology Specialist Mike Ralston helped turn the prototype into an operating product. A thermal camera mounted to the mask captures the surroundings. While the C-Thru’s computer processor adds green lines that highlight walls, door frames, even a body lying on the floor. Cossman, in addition, stated that the device is still at least a year away from being commercially obtainable to fire departments.  He anticipated that it’ll cost less than the USD 4,000 to USD 6,000; they currently invest on each two-way radio that firefighters carry.