Cryptocurrency Market Data Provider CoinMarketCap Adds New Metrics To Measure Crypto Projects Fundamentals


Cryptocurrency_Market-Data-Provider-CoinMarketCap-Adds-New-Metrics-To-Measure-Crypto-Projects-Fundamentals Cryptocurrency Market Data Provider CoinMarketCap Adds New Metrics To Measure Crypto Projects FundamentalsCoinMarketCap, a Cryptocurrency market data platform, has introduced a new rating system, named the Fundamental Crypto Asset Score (FCAS) for their site to measure the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency projects. As reports noted, the new rating system measures Cryptocurrency projects health by considering user activity, developer behavior, and market maturity.

The service, typically, offers insight into the growth and development of a project. According to the company, we intake raw blockchain data across relevant projects and parse them internally. Once we clean, analyze, and recreate the raw data elements, we combine them with market data gathered from various sources to inform our models. Through this system, the score is calculated by assessing activity within a particular Blockchain and labeling wallet addresses to find out the number of users, exchanges, contracts, and other types of participants. In this whole process, developer behavior shows the level of activity and competence of a development community on an explicit Blockchain or project and involves factors like code changes, code improvements, and community involvement. Moreover, the standard tracks 30 variables to further explore the relations between traditional developer metrics and community activity.

The new metric represents the possibility a Crypto asset will offer consistent returns across various market environments by integrating assessments of market risk and an analysis of the stability of the money supply of each tracked cryptocurrency. Backed by such industry players as leading American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm True Ventures, an incubator and venture capital firm Digital Currency Group, among others, the Fundamental Crypto Asset Score will optimistic for Crypto traders.