Curiosity Celebrates 4th Anniversary

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Curiosity-Celebrates-4th-Anniversary-300x129 Curiosity Celebrates 4th AnniversaryNASA’s Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ just celebrated its fourth anniversary of landing on the Red Planet. Scientific and engineering achievements and great exploration are how scientist describe the last four years.


Ashwin Vasavada, Curiosity Project Scientist for NASA said that the company has given the best anniversary gift that rover could hope for, ‘the mission extension for two more years’. The NASA’s super rover powered by the nuclear energy and fitted with the most advanced arrays of electronic equipment landed on the Red planet on 5th August 2012. And with the landing start a great voyage of Curiosity to explore the Red Planet. The primary task assigned to super rover was to find the even slightest possibilities for the Red Planets atmosphere to support life even in microbial form.


The Rover made a very important discovery in the surface of the Mars i.e. Water, which is a very important element to sustain life. The report that the rover sent to the scientists of earth describes that there has been water on the planet’s surface in ancient times.


The discovery of water traces in the soil of planet meant a lot for the future missions to Mars. The astronauts don’t have to carry all the water they need for their journey to Mars and back rather they can source water from the planet itself.


Apart from that Curiosity discovered Nitrogen, Sulfur, Oxygen, and Hydrogen etc. on the surface of Mars, which are some key elements for life to sustain on the desolate planet.