CyPhy Works’ Aria Insights To Turn Collected Data Into Actionable Intelligence With AI

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CyPhy_Works’-Aria-Insights-To-Turn-Collected-Data-Into-Actionable-Intelligence-With-AI CyPhy Works’ Aria Insights To Turn Collected Data Into Actionable Intelligence With AIAfter 11-years on the market, Denver, MA-based drone company CyPhy Works is rebranding as Aria Insights to provide autonomous, robotic teammates that can enter logistically challenging and potentially dangerous environments to gather indispensable insights while keeping users safe. Aria Insights, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, is more efficiently controlling data accumulated by drones and keeping users safe in the process.

Instituted by the CyPhy Works team, Aria Insights is expanding upon CyPhy’s tethered drone legacy by incorporating AI and Machine Learning software into its drones. The company will offer users with intelligent, autonomous drones that both amass and evaluate data to generate actionable insights for users. The decision to place an augmented focus on AI comes from years of industry experience recognizing that the power of drones is limited only by the utilization and consideration of the data they collect. Smarter data collection and Machine Learning allow decision makers to rapidly and effectively deal with a problem or implement a mission while making sure human lives are not vulnerable. Decision makers, with sophisticated analytics, no longer need to spend hours to capture and watching the video; in its place, Aria Insights’ robots will recognize insights of interest, send an alert when new information is identified, and ultimately connect all of the data to a digital 3D map.

Furthermore, Aria Insights’ new Machine Learning capabilities allow users in such sectors, including public safety, oil & gas, and other commercial sectors to amass data and turn it into actionable plans. Powered with AI capabilities, Aria Insights’ drones will act fully autonomous missions to make it easier to classify features of interest across compound use cases.