Dahua introduces StereoVision – AI-enabled People-Counting Camera

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Dahua-introduces-StereoVision-–-AI-enabled-People-Counting-Camera Dahua introduces StereoVision – AI-enabled People-Counting CameraDahua Technology, an Irvine, California-based video-centric smart IoT solution provider, as per recent reports last week, has unveiled its new “StereoVision” camera – an AI-optimized 3MP dual-sensor, people-counting camera.

As per the statement by the company, the camera, equipped with advanced image processing tech from Dahua, provides an improved depth perception that offers up to 98% accurate people counting results.

The camera’s side-by-side dual lenses positioning, enables each sensor to capture multi-angle (with a slight difference in angles) images of the same area, resulting in higher depth perception.

Later, the camera, combining real-time people-counting and behavior analytics with video images, thus unifying video surveillance and operational capabilities in one device, enables users to make efficient and insightful business operations decisions.

The StereoVision camera with its AI-backed headcount tech, is an ideal choice for retail environments, museums, sports venues, or other areas. The camera’s capability to monitor headcounts in crowded events, offers entry or checkout alert deliveries when lines become exceedingly long, and help users reduce loitering by notifying them about when visitors idle for a specified period of time. Apart from all this, the camera, by integrating with regional people-counting cameras, helps users to better their understanding about people movement patterns throughout the area.

“In a retail environment, the StereoVision camera arms managers with valuable information to improve customer service and make merchandising decisions,” states Jennifer Hackenburg, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Dahua Technology USA. “It can gauge areas of interest for product positioning, or measure foot traffic at mall entrances to identify prime retail space, for example.”

The camera’s low lux level of 0.009, digital wide dynamic range (WDR), and Smart IR up to 33 feet capabilities ensure reliable performance in low-light, low-contrast, and bright scenes.

“Dahua Technology is pleased to present this high-performing AI solution made for business intelligence,” adds Hackenburg. “By offering cameras that can go beyond basic security, we are able to empower dealers to grow their business by providing their customers with a higher ROI for their security spend.”