DARPA plans to invest $2Billion to speed up third wave of AI

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DARPA_plans-to_invest_2Billion_to-speed_up-third_wave_of_AI-300x153 DARPA plans to invest $2Billion to speed up third wave of AIDARPA, US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is all set to invest more than $2billion towards artificial intelligence (AI) programmes which are named as ‘AI Next’ campaign. Here the multi-year strategy mainly focuses on a specified advanced mechanism to develop a strong collaboration between humans and machines.

DARPA states it as the third wave of technological advancement where the next-generation of AI will be suppressed to evaluate all new theories and their specific applications that enables the machines to change situations accordingly.

Dr. Steven Walker, Director of DARPA said: “For the advanced AI in the coming days, we plan to make multiple investments for the research and development that aims at transforming computers from specialized tools to partners that troubleshoots problem-solving mechanism. By exploring this we can make machines to acquire human-like communication and reasoning capabilities also including the abilities to adapt to changes according to the situation in the environment. Major developments in this project include automation of the critical business processes regarding US Department of Defense (DoD) and implementation of the reliability of AI systems including security and advancement in AI.

This programme also focuses on reducing power, data, and inefficiencies regarding performance and to develop the next generation of AI algorithms and its relevant applications. This AIE programme includes a number of high-risk factors, high-payoff projects, where the researchers have to establish the feasibility of new AI concepts.