Data Activation Platform Innovaccer Brings Outreach Management Solution To Optimize Patient-Provider Collaboration

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Data_Activation-Platform-Innovaccer-Brings-Outreach-Management-Solution-To-Optimize-Patient-Provider-Collaboration Data Activation Platform Innovaccer Brings Outreach Management Solution To Optimize Patient-Provider CollaborationInnovaccer, a leading data activation platform for healthcare systems, has reportedly introduced its Outreach Management solution that will allow organizations with effective outreach to their patients. The new Outreach Management solution is ostensibly designed to improve engagement between patient and care provider at every care delivery case by eradicating communication blockades which currently afflict the healthcare system.

The new Outreach Management solution offers a new dimension with its revolutionary approach which enables caregivers to take control of all of its care initiatives. It will also allow the care team to automate the outreach procedures in their desired modes of communication, classify patients on their specific requirements, and identify custom workflow to target their at-risk populace. The solution has also devoted features in order to ameliorate transitional and chronic care management. The solution further allows care teams to reach out to care needed patients at the right time by defining custom pre-visit instructions and patient outfits. Moreover, the Outreach Management solution enables case-based escalation to medical staff. The patient-provider engagement process is not reached at the finish line here. After discharge from the healthcare center, patients can be sent emails, texts, and voice messages in their favored language to further cut the chances of avoidable readmissions and ED visits.

In forward, the solution takes care of all the manual processes that may put providers away from spending time with their patients and lets them schedule and push automated bulk campaigns. Such campaigns reportedly can be sent for both preventive care visits to defined populations with for preventive visits to specific screenings. With timely reminders approach to the patients’ preferred channel of communication, organizations can significantly cut down care gaps and no-shows.