Data And Artificial Intelligence Can Advance Healthcare Sector, Google Executive Says

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Data_And_Artificial_Intelligence_Can_Advance_Healthcare_Sector-According-To_Google_Executive Data And Artificial Intelligence Can Advance Healthcare Sector, Google Executive SaysThe Executive advisor to the Google Cloud Healthcare team, Toby Cosgrove deemed that data and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to advance the healthcare system. In a statement, Cosgrove stated that there is a huge volume of data and it’s an issue to keep track of and that’s why he thinks the Cloud is going to come in.

Cosgrove explained that as the data goes to the Cloud all the key Cloud providers have come to arbitration that they will share unstructured information. Doctors and researchers will be able to utilize the data to find out trends and decide on treatments while securing patient privacy.  As per the report that was reported last week, showed that the market for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is predicted to reach USD 36.1 billion by 2025. The market for AI in Healthcare is categorized by offering, end-user application, technology, end-user, and geography. The report further showed that the AI used in Healthcare will rise at 50.2 percent of CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) during the forecast period.

Furthermore, Cosgrove believed that telehealth technology will become more admired as it connects patients to health care through video conferencing, remote monitoring, and electronic consults. He also noted that this is especially constructive for people who don’t live nearby a doctor or specialist, or for patients in need of continual monitoring without a stay in healthcare centers.