Data Center Management And Its Future In The Cloud

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Data-Center-Management-And-Its-Future-In-The-Cloud Data Center Management And Its Future In The Cloud

With cloud and data management is the thing in the technology industry, data centre management has become very important to manage huge data. With data being exposed to public and private clouds, it is very important to work on their security and storage as well.

The future of data centre management may look remote, cloudy now but in this AI-driven times, DMaaS will soon play a central role in the IT industry. Those of you are not familiar, DMaaS stands for data centre management-as-a-service. These platforms will pull data from data centre infrastructure and their components to monitor and analyze the information through cloud-based software. Yes, I agree that this is still in its very early stages, but with Schneider Electric’s new announcement, its future seems bright ahead. To explain briefly the company has started offering a pilot version of this new type of data centre management technology to promote DMaaS.

In the future, Schneider Electric’s service plans to provide more powerful analytics and predictive maintenance to let people beforehand of any mishaps. It is anticipated that in the first quarter of 2019 the company will launch EcoStruxure IT Advisor to provide data centre capacity and asset management features.