Data Solution Platform Validic Integrates With Welldoc’s Bluestar Platform To Provide Real-Time Insights For Patients

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Data_Solution-Platform-Validic-Integrates-With-Welldoc’s-Bluestar-Platform-To-Provide-Real-Time-Insights-For-Patients Data Solution Platform Validic Integrates With Welldoc’s Bluestar Platform To Provide Real-Time Insights For PatientsValidic, a data solution provider for remote monitoring and virtual engagement, has integrated with Welldoc’s BlueStar platform. The integration within the Welldoc BlueStar digital therapeutic platform will enable users to connect their wearables, apps, and in-home health devices directly to the platform, allowing deeper engagement and better self-management of one’s health. Through this partnership, Welldoc will leverage Validic Inform, a device-agnostic data connectivity platform, and Validic VitalSnap®, a patented optical character recognition technology, to connect to both Bluetooth-enabled and legacy in-home medical devices.

However, Welldoc previously had developed connections to devices, they turned to Validic to empower more of their users with an even broader, scalable bring-your-own-device strategy. By integrating activity data alongside glucose data, BlueStar offers precise, actionable guidance on managing diabetes on a daily basis. Ahead of this integration, Welldoc President and CEO Kevin McRaith said that this is an important partnership and we are excited to extend our integrations with Validic. By allowing users to integrate even more of their devices, we empower them to use this data to make better health decisions.

While the number of people managing chronic conditions which it continues to grow today, patients are seeking ways to better self-manage health outside of the clinical setting. With the huge volume of consumer health tools like wearables, consumer apps, and in-home medical devices, patients are leveraging device-generated data to allow a better understanding of how behavior, lifestyles and daily habits impact their health and how to more effectively self-manage their conditions.