DataRobot Joins Hand with Snowflake to Accelerate Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

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DataRobot_Joins_Hand_with_Snowflake_to_Accelerate_Adoption_of_Artificial_Intelligence_in_the_Enterprise DataRobot Joins Hand with Snowflake to Accelerate Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the EnterpriseThe maker of the automated Machine Learning category, Boston-based Data Science company DataRobot has announced a partnership with Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse developed for the Cloud, to expedite the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the enterprise. Through product-level integration, the collaboration will enable DataRobot customers to bring in data from the Snowflake data warehouse which delivers the performance, simplicity, concurrency, and affordability which is not possible with other data warehouses.

The DataRobot automated Machine Learning platform allows business analysts and data scientists of all skill levels to create and deploy highly accurate Machine Learning models in a fraction of the time of traditional modeling methods. Snowflake, headquartered in San Mateo, CA, U.S. offers an enterprise data warehouse built for the Cloud that empowers all business users to gain limitless insight from their data at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. With the new DataRobot connector for Snowflake, consumers have direct access to data within Snowflake to begin AI and Machine Learning initiatives.  The Snowflake data warehouse makes it easy to accumulate all of an organization’s data, and then access that data in DataRobot to obtain deeper data-driven predictive insights for all enterprise users. This makes it easier for organizations to extend Machine Learning and AI initiatives across the entire business, regardless of department or technical expertise.

SVP of Business Development at DataRobot, Seann Gardiner said that businesses today know they need to embrace AI to stay ahead. The partnerships with Snowflake makes it easier than ever for customers of all experience levels to access data and develop, tweak, and deploy Machine Learning models to make business decisions.  Additionally, Gardiner noted that by leveraging the collective power of Snowflake and DataRobot, businesses can now generate significant business impact from Machine Learning. The company excited to be working with another market leader to give our joint customers a marked competitive advantage in the market.