Debating the pros and cons of Antergos 8.9

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Debating_-the_-pros_and_-cons_-of_-Antergos_-8.9-300x225 Debating the pros and cons of Antergos 8.9How many of you are aware of the new Antergos 8.9? For those who don’t know… It was released last month proclaiming itself to be one of the best Arch Linux options till date. It consists of a powerful and modern computing platform, which is designed with elegance, known to give power to its users for viewing and working on all that they can desire.

Generally speaking, Arch distros is not recommended for Linux beginners, but this software has a lot in store for those who are seasoned Linux users and also new to this Arch. While listing its challenges let us start by saying that with any Arch distro primarily surviving the installation process is severe. The second difficulty is that the Arch functions on its own software management process. By overcoming these challenges the users may gain a solid performing Linux desktop which consists of more layers of security with little or no software bloat at all.

Antergos is not a perfect recommendation though, it certainly offers to satisfy a reasonable expectation of success ratios, which is something not expected from a typical Arch distro before. Familiarity with the installation method of Arch Linux family, with the craving for a quick installation method, you will surely appreciate Antergos this time. With less familiarity with the Arch, Linux methodologies will lower enthusiastic levels about using this OS.

Distro will provide you with some of the most popular desktop environments in just one download. If you land clueless about a preferred desktop, you will be left with the default GNOME option. Recognize the fact that Antergos does not provide users with an easy switching tool to change the desktop option and the live session ISO will not allow the trial of the option either.