Decentralized Data Technology Platform Bluzelle Unveils Decentralized Data Delivery Network


Decentralized_Data-Technology-Platform-Bluzelle-Unveils-Data-Delivery-Network Decentralized Data Technology Platform Bluzelle Unveils Decentralized Data Delivery NetworkBluzelle, a complete and fully integrated stack of blockchain applications provider, has reportedly unveiled the Data Delivery Network (DDN) to the global market leaders to meet the rising demand for data delivery by delivering data in excess of twenty times faster. As a leading platform of edge computing, Bluzelle is leveraging its global network of distributed nodes to push data to the edge, where the customer exists.

Similarly, the DDN operates to a Content Delivery Network (CDN), but in place of catching content, Bluzelle extends the data edge for applications from a single location to utilize a compound of globally distributed networks, in that way to augment the pace of data retrieval. Bluzelle CEO and Co-Founder Pavel Bains said that “Currently applications are limited to data caching technologies that require complex configuration and management of 10+-year-old technology constrained to a few data centers. These were not designed to handle the ever-increasing volumes of data that new technologies like AI, VR, and 4K produce.”

Responding over the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the industry, Bains says that “Fintechs are capable of offering quality services to their customers at a comparatively lesser cost particularly when AI enables them to reduce costs at each stage. From how consumers access their money to how they apply for mortgages and make financial investments, AI has the potential to create seamless financial services.” According to him, “As fintechs expand into new markets, the ability to accurately and quickly use data to deliver services becomes even more important, so implementing data caching solutions to speed up AI’s machine learning platform is essential.”

Founded in 2014, Bluzelle provides a complete and fully integrated stack of blockchain applications, middleware and data services. With customers from SMEs to global enterprises, the decentralized data technology company is able to design, develop and deploy the best solution for the businesses.