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Decrease In The Price Of Flash Is Godsend For Organizations


Decrease-In-The-Price-Of-Flash-Is-Godsend-For-Organizations-300x129 Decrease In The Price Of Flash Is Godsend For OrganizationsSame amount of money are been spent on storage systems by the companies but they are getting more capacity as the flash gets cheaper. According to IDC that second quarter of this year has seen this trend. The total capacity that the vendors are shipping has definitely increased to 12.9 percent but the revenue of the Enterprise Storage System factory was $8.8 billion, flat compared to second quarter of last year.

Liz Conner said in a statement that the falling price of a gigabit of flash storage is the reason behind it. The growing popularity of the flash which the organizations are accepting for both space and speed saving amplifies it. Organizations can now buy in bulk with units as big as 15 TB where last they were ordering SSD (Solid State Drive) units with up to the capacity of 3 TB.

The growth of saver-based storage where the revenue went up to $2.4 billion which about 10 percent, flash plays an important role. Smaller organizations that are drifting away from the external storage for the sake of easier management and simplicity is what driving this trend.

For the first place in world revenue with an approx. of $1.6 billion each for a quarter has been tied between Hewlett-Packard and EMC.