Dedrone announces DroneTracker 4, featuring Flight Pattern Recognition, Heatmaps & more to track Drone activity

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Dedrone-announces-DroneTracker-4-featuring-Flight-Pattern-Recognition-Heatmaps-more-to-track-Drone-activity Dedrone announces DroneTracker 4, featuring Flight Pattern Recognition, Heatmaps & more to track Drone activityDedrone, a San Francisco, California-based developer of drone early warning and detection system, as per recent reports, has announced the launch of DroneTracker 4, the company’s latest drone detection software that detects, localizes, and tracks simultaneous drones to provide protection against advanced drone threats.

According to Dedrone, the new DroneTracker 4 software leverages Dedrone’s DroneDNA database to detect and classify RF, WiFi, and autonomous drones, from approximately a kilometer distance from the protected site.

Furthermore, the DroneTracker 4 features the below mentioned enhancements, that makes it exemplary at drone detection:

  • Drone Flight Pattern Recognition: The new software with its new airspace analytics embedded tools, analyzes and uncovers drone activity patterns in the airspace, enabling users to get a better grasp of the situation by understanding the intention of the drone flight.
  • Heatmaps: Visual cues provided by DroneTracker 4, equips users with a quick overview of unauthorized drone activity in a broad area, indicating hot zones to investigate further or invest additional resources
  • Scheduled Reports: Regular, automated reporting ensures stakeholders get a modernized framework to compare gathered data and assess drone activity in their airspace.

Joerg Lamprecht, CEO and co-founder of Dedrone, said, “The Dedrone platform enables all security providers to accurately and quickly assess their airspace threats, and make decisions on how to react to drone intrusions”. Adding further, Joerg said, “We developed DroneTracker 4 for our customers to maximize how they interact with detection data and help them create intelligent airspace security protocols. DroneTracker 4 helps security providers understand what the drone pilots are after and take strategic precautions to protect their operations.”