Dell partners Arundo to bring IoT to Shipping

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Dell__Arundo_partners_to_bring_IoT_to_shipping Dell partners Arundo to bring IoT to ShippingDell Technologies and Arundo Analytics have joined hands to provide internet of things (IoT) connectivity and analytics software in the maritime and offshore oil and gas industries. The partnership is to provide crews with a plug-and-play advanced analytics solution to improve ship and fleet operations. Together they will deliver technology for fleet managers and seafarers to select, buffer, stream, calculate and run advanced analytics on a range of signal data from critical equipment and systems.

Dell Technologies’ new IoT bundle is to include Arundo’s software and cloud technology for maritime applications in 2019. This will also involve Dell Edge Gateway 5100 devices preloaded with Arundo Edge Agent software. According to Chris Wolff, Head of Global OEM and IoT Partnerships, Dell Technologies, field personnel, and crews now have a plug-and-play solution to stream ship-to-cloud or run advanced analytics locally, even while offline, to improve ship, fleet, or field operations, thus enhancing fleet performance.

Arundo Analytics provides cloud-based and edge-enabled software, and Dell Technologies offers robust computers and connectivity devices in maritime and offshore oil and gas industries. IoT makes machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity possible and prioritizes critical data, i.e. only transmitting what is necessary from ship to shore.