Delphi Automotive’s first Self-driving test to be hosted in Singapore

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Delphi-Automotive’s-first-Self-driving-test-to-be-hosted-in-Singapore-300x129 Delphi Automotive’s first Self-driving test to be hosted in SingaporeA small test convoy to automated taxi in Singapore will be launched by Delphi Automotive base in the UK. The company is intended to conduct a first real world test of on-demand automated rides which will ferry actually passengers. The fastest path to making this commercial technology available is to road test the concept. Many companies have invested in the technology and the test will be conducted in partnership with Singapore Land Transit Authority.


As of now, there will be drivers ready to take control if the pilot system failed but the drivers will be removed from the year 2019 or 2020 said Glen DeVos, VP of engineering at Delphi Automotive. A regular operating self-driving cab service will be launched by the year 2022 added DeVos. The company also has plans to take this service to North America and Europe.


Other companies like Mobileye NV in Israel is aiding Delphi in developing a sensor that will help the autonomous functionality. Infrastructure will be provided by the Singapore Land Transit Authority.


After its self-driving hybrid kicked off in Pittsburg Uber is looking forward to rolling out a fleet of autonomous vehicles. Other conventional car makers are also stepping forward to an autonomous vehicle which was previously captured by companies like Google.