Digital Asset Management Firm Arrington XRP Capital Takes Crypto-Enabled ByteSize Capital


Digital_Asset-Management-Firm-Arrington-XRP-Capital-Takes-Crypto-Enabled-ByteSize-Capital Digital Asset Management Firm Arrington XRP Capital Takes Crypto-Enabled ByteSize CapitalArrington XRP Capital, a digital asset management firm in Blockchain-centric capital marketplace, has collaborated with ByteSize Capital, a private Fund and Research House completely focused on early stage Blockchain-based start-ups. With this collaboration, Co-founders of ByteSize Capital Ninor Mansor and Ninos Mansor have also joined Arrington XRP Capital as partners, along with founding partners Heather Harde and Michael Arrington.

According to the report, Arrington XRP Capital, as per the acquisition terms, will take on ByteSize’s proprietary investing suite for navigating Cryptocurrency markets, collecting data, and quantitative backtesting. These systems will be added to Arrington XRP Capital’s existing investment framework. Ahead of the acquisition, ByteSize Capital Co-founder Ninos Mansor said that one thing that stood out to us as we discussed a merger was the fact that they’ve been working together for over a decade. Two tech booms give you scars and judgment that you just can’t replicate. As the report noted, the collaboration between two companies was enabled by a recent investment of USD30 million by Arrington XRP Capital’s major limited partners.

Arrington XRP, earlier this year, participated in a funding round of Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Aggregator Totle. That time, its founder Michael Arrington said that the DEX-focused platform is an important part of the future of the Blockchain economy that enables users and organizations to initiate reliable, non-custodial transactions. According to Arrington, in the year 2017,  Arrington XRP Capital raised USD100 million, where the fund that compels its partner to invest in Ripple (XRP) for distribution transactions, as well as fees trades and holds Cryptocurrency assets and invests in token sales, equities and debt.