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Digital Businesses To Be Profited From The Satellite Data

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Digital-Businesses-To-Be-Profited-From-The-Satellite-Data-300x129 Digital Businesses To Be Profited From The Satellite DataThe largest source of the earth observation data is the European Space Agency. Organizations such as the insurance group Munich Re can track completely new business situations for their clients in collaboration with SAP and its SAP HANA platform. Displacing thousands of people every year as the wildfires destroys nature, infrastructures, businesses, and buildings. Variables like the weather, vegetation, and biomass can influence the progress of the fire and the coordination of onsite action forces even though the path of the fire is hard to predict. The satellite data can help here. In order to predict how and where a wildfire may strike and even calculate more accurately the costs and risks related to wildfires the international insurance group, Munich Re is currently leveraging geospatial satellite data. The Munich Re is trying to get hold of future natural disasters with the help of the satellite data and wildfire is just one of them.


Geospatial dispensation in the cloud from SAP assists the company to manage risk from storms, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Munich Re can promptly calculate risk by location and even type of business, and help prevent fraud while analyzing the data set from actual physical source on the ground.