Digital Currency Platform Xeonbit Now Offer Users To Send And Receive Cryptocurrency With Gadget of Their Choice


Digital_Currency-Platform-Xeonbit-Now-Offer-Users-To-Send-And-Receive-Cryptocurrency-With-Gadget-of-Their-Choice Digital Currency Platform Xeonbit Now Offer Users To Send And Receive Cryptocurrency With Gadget of Their ChoiceThe private digital currency for secure payment network Xeonbit is now allowing every consumer to receive and send cryptocurrency with the gadget of their choice. The company says that its goal is to make every consumer their own bank, enabling them to send and receive crypto with the gadget of their choice. In a statement, Xeonbit stated that “Decentralized digital currency is slowly becoming a normal part of everyday life. Yet people’s main internet device continues to be their mobile, a device with a low-powered CPU and limited available storage.”

According to the company, its peer-to-peer technology ensures that every user’s accounts and transactions are “out of reach to any prying eyes.” A feature is known as “ring signatures” means public keys are shuffled in order to ensure that particular users cannot be identified once a transaction has taken place. Additionally, Xeonbit says this is not at the expense of speed, scalability or security. Though, its ring signatures utilize one-time addresses to guarantee recipients are the only person who knows where the funds have gone, as well as its technology, according to the company, provides optional transparency for addresses or certain transactions. As per the report, the desktop wallet for Xeonbit’s native currency, xeonbit (XNB), is available to download for the devices including Windows computers, macOS and Linux, and as the team furthers the development of its platform, it has applied to list a separate token, called XNS, on the Binance decentralized exchange.

Moving forward to its plan for the future, Xeonbit says it is determined to bring more merchants to its ecosystem, helping to strengthen the use case for its cryptocurrency. Moreover, the company further believes that XNS has the potential to make its transaction fee five times cheaper and up to 100 times faster for merchants to accept payments using its cryptocurrency. An initial exchange offering for XNS tokens will roll out in the month of May or June.