Digital Health Messaging Platform OptimizeRx Expands Investment In Healthcare Systems With Adding New Tech

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Digital_Health-Messaging-Platform-OptimizeRx-Expands-Investment-In-Healthcare-Systems-With-Adding-New-Tech Digital Health Messaging Platform OptimizeRx Expands Investment In Healthcare Systems With Adding New TechThe leading digital health messaging platform for the pharmaceutical industry, OptimizeRx has announced its latest platform integration with Epic and Cerner, the two healthcare industry’s leading acute EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems. In its latest announcement, OptimizeRx noted that its technical integrations would allow healthcare providers to offer saving opportunities to patients for all medications. According to the company’s research, patients have shown better adherence to medication when they can identify means of reducing their payments.

Ahead of this latest announcement, OptimizeRx President Miriam Paramore says that at OptimizeRx, we are unwavering in our commitment to bring affordability and adherence solutions to the industry. By linking our platform to the industry’s leading EHRs, hospitals and health systems across the country will now have access to critical information – from patient savings opportunities to medication adherence information – that empowers the patient with lower cost plus high-touch support programs. She further added that hospitals and health systems will benefit from reduced readmissions, increased patient satisfaction, and improved quality care. OptimizeRx, after achieving EHR connectivity, is now improving its investments in the healthcare systems and hospitals by an additional focus on hospital sales. Besides, the company expects that efforts will support its goal of expanding its reach to 20 percent more physicians by the end of 2019.

OptimizeRx recently picked Denys Ashby as the new vice president of hospitals and health systems. Served as the national director of business development at CaptureRx, Ashby said that there is much momentum at OptimizeRx. Every patient will have the opportunity to go home with patient savings opportunities to better afford, and therefore adhere to, their medications. Additionally,  he said he is excited about how this will shape the care landscape for the better in the months and years to come and also delighted to join this team.