Disinfecting Robot Cleaning Hospitals With UV Light


Blue-Ocean-Robotics-300x291 Disinfecting Robot Cleaning Hospitals With UV LightBlue Ocean Robotics has developed a robot that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect rooms. Hospitals are the prime target of the Danish company where there is a possibility of patients contracting the infection. About 722,000 patients are being infected while being treated in the health care facilities and about 75,000 died in the hospital mentioned a report from the United States Center for Disease Control. The Blue Ocean Company is anticipating resolving this problem with its ultraviolet disinfection robot.


Large ultraviolet lamps are being used to kill bacteria by the robot. The nucleic acid within the bacteria gets zapped and their DNA gets disrupted by the ultraviolet light which in order make them impossible to reproduce and carry on their essential life process. But because these are autonomous robots they can go in and disinfect the room in a hospital without much human help considering the current process of disinfecting the hospital room being a manual process. Apparently, the idea of disinfecting robots is not only proposed by Blue Ocean Company, Xenes in San Antonio, Texas as its own variety of a UV disinfection robot, as does Tru-D, based in Tennessee. The robot is currently being tested in two hospitals in Denmark.