DMP announces LTE Alarm Communicators to complement AT&T Service Areas

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DMP-announces-LTE-Alarm-Communicators-to-complement-ATT-Service-Areas DMP announces LTE Alarm Communicators to complement AT&T Service AreasDigital Monitoring Products (DMP), a Springfield, Missouri-based manufacturer of electronic burglary/fire/access alarm products, as per recent reports, has announced expanding its line of LTE communicators to complement the AT&T service areas.

Last year in 2018, DMP released modules for the Verizon Network, and now again the company is all set and geared up to offer new AT&T modems for its XTLplus, XT Series, and XR Series panels.

Also, last year, in Sep. 2018, AT&T’s LTE network was rated the best network in the US by GWS OneScore, and each of the cellular communicators currently provides a fully supervised alarm communication path over AT&T’s LTE network.

“Moving to a new core cell communication technology that these new units employ will allow us to offer more LTE communications options,” explains Aaron McGhee, product manager for DMP control panels. “It will also allow us to work on incorporating more features that will benefit dealers and their customers in the future.”

The individual modules are for the following panels:

  • 265LTE-A Cellular Communicator for XTLplus
  • 263LTE-A Cellular Communicator for XT Series
  • 263LTE-A/381-2 for XR150/XR550 Series

In comparison to earlier-generation products, the LTE communicators, with their work compatibility with digital cellular service from SecureCom Wireless, makes it much easier for dealers to get systems up and running quickly.

Additionally, each of the new cell communicators, just like DMP’s current Verizon LTE communicators, are also Cat-M1 certified, which makes them stand out with advantages, such as maximum network lifespan, affordable module pricing, and greater performance through buildings and external walls.