DNA Sequencing Advancements Targeted By Dell


dna-blue DNA Sequencing Advancements Targeted By DellThe latest addition to the Isilon family has been announced by the Dell Technologies. An all-flash scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) system that offers up to 92.4 petabytes of storage capacity and a 1.5 TB per second of bandwidth. This system is designed to handle unstructured workloads and next-generation applications. Phil Bullinger, senior Vice President, and General Manager said there are a number of vertical markets on which the Isilon all flash is going to impact on such as DNA sequencing in life science particularly while Speaking at the inaugural Dell EMC World in Austin, Texas.


He thinks this is going to be transformational but not unless something has been, done with it. Data centers at capacity are trying to keep up with the huge amount of unstructured data that is associated with the DNA sequencing. About 6TB of data is generated by one sequencer on one human genome. While considering a time period of one year, the single genome will be generating a 2PB of data. We can take the six hours needed to process raw data from a sequencer to a genomic data set that actually make sense to 20 minutes. Conventionally all-flash array products can have fixated predominantly on the block or structured datasets and applications supporting 20 percent of all data in the data center.