DNA Test For Job May Be Near


dna-test-300x169 DNA Test For Job May Be NearBusinesses in the future might want the information hidden in the genes of an employee that describes traits such as intelligence and leadership. To demonstrate that they have the right aptitude, intelligence and leadership capabilities required for the job, peoples who are pursuing the leadership roles may volunteer their DNA test results. A couple of researchers who have presented their research at the Symposium IT/EXPO mentioned that though it sounds farfetched it could be the result where the science is heading. It is not as fundamental as it looks like. In the sports and military, it is common for selection of candidate based on certain genetic characteristics.


IQ in twins and linkage between genes has already been demonstrated by science while a new research has identified genes linked to leadership. To identify the human intelligence a firm in China is working. As these goes on the science is certain to unlock more genetic information from these tests. Business given the chance to identify the next great CIO, CEO, etc. will do it early in a person’s career. However, businesses can’t ask for a blood test is one thing, though. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 forbids companies from gathering this information.