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Do We Need 5G?

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Do-We-Need-5G-300x129 Do We Need 5G?What is the need the faster speeds of 5G WIRELESS? This nagging question has been point out at the CTIA Super Mobility Show by someone outside the mobile business. In order to make the dream of futuristic applications will come true, more spectrum and newer networks are in need. Meredith Attwell Baker, President, and CEO of CTIA mentioned in a comment that in order to meet the demand over next decade the US carriers will need hundreds of megahertz of additional frequencies.


Mobile activities that require a 100Mbps sustained speed that never drops there is no high-bit application that is mainstream yet. Smartphones don’t need this kind of performance despite being heavy on video streaming, social media, and texting. Though there is quick growth in IoT but the need of that kind of performance is rare. Something that will come along of 100Mbps for a smartphone or any forthcoming device will be needed. Telemedicine and autonomous cars can be possibilities.


A report said that there can be many more competitions the way 5G is expected to work. The 5G will be needing a more place to perch and is expected to work with smaller cells as compared to the current technology.